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Funded MA in English List

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Does anyone have a comprehensive list of all the funded (either through fellowships or TA stipends) MA programs? Or does anyone know where I can find this out? If not, we could use this thread to compile information on which programs do offer funding and to what extent.

Also, feel free to list programs that you know offer some kind of funding. By the way, the subject is English.

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Boston College offers some 1st year tuition waivers and 2nd year teaching positions with a small stipend above tuition. Generally, they grant 12 entering MAs a tuition waiver, according to their website. UVA and BU also grant tuition waivers for some MA students, I've heard.

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I found the following while googling: http://community.livejournal.com/wgi_lo ... 10017.html

Here's a list from the link above that I haven't yet verfied:

Villanova University

University of Florida

University of Maine

University of Alabama

University of Wyoming

University of Idaho

University of Kansas

Wake Forest

University of Utah

James Madison University

University of Connecticut

University of Delaware

University of Georgia

University of Kentucky

Louisiana State University

University of Missouri

University of Nebraska

University of Tennessee

Arizona State University

University of New Mexico

Kent State University

Bowling Green State University

Minnesota State University

American University

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You can add University of Hawaii to that list. They offer 3 different funding packages (to my knowledge)

1. 1/2 time Full funding as a TA for 2 years = free tuition (only pay for the fees), and a good stipend

2.1/4 time Full funding as a TA for 2 years = free tuition (again only fees), and an okay stipend

3. Partial funding as a mentor for 2 years = 1/3 (I think?) tuition off and an hourly wage

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