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A few of my applications require that I submit the app before my references can provide their LORs. I plan on taking the GRE a second time (taking it Nov 1st for the 1st time, Dec 13th for the 2nd). The application deadlines are not until/after Jan 5th. If I submit the app, will I still be able to submit my second set of GRE scores?

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I believe the GRE states that it could take 4-6 weeks for official scores to be submitted to your schools of choice.  If you take the GRE on Dec. 13th, those scores may not get there.  Your application won't be thrown out because of the Nov. 1st scores, but the committee may not see your second scores.

Why are you planning on taking it twice?  Are you actively studying and taking practice exams? 

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I am currently studying, but I scheduled a 2nd in advanced because, where I live, it's very difficult to schedule on short notice, so if I am unhappy with my 1st set, I can take it a 2nd time and, even if I am happy w my 1st set, I can improve the 2nd time around. It should only take 15 days max to report scores for the Computer test, so I would be good on time. I'm just wondering if things are locked down once I hit 'submit' even if it's before the deadline.

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