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Is GRE can be cracked in 1 month ?


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Hi All,

I am new to this forum and i would like to discuss that I have a work experience of 1.7 years in human resource in India.My qualifications are Btech in ECE and would like to pursue MS in electronics or computers. Would i be eligible as i have non technical work experience or is it too late for that ? Kindly tell me the GRE process and what is the eligible scores for any university,

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Its recommended to have a score above atleast 310 with Q above atleast 160 or probably 165. Above 320 makes your scores favorable for all universities.


Your work ex will not be of help if its unrelated but your projects and grades will help

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The GRE is a standardized exam. There is no qualification process to take it, you simply register at a local office to take the test. Preparation varies from person to person. Some like to take special prep courses, others just study out of books. You're probably set for the math, given your background, but may need to spend extra time with the verbal components, since English seems to be your second language. 


Competitive scores vary from university to university, and aren't always public knowledge. If you think you have scored poorly, you can always take the test again.

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One month is too less to prepare for an exam like GRE. I also agree with Dicapino, that at least 2 months are required for GRE preparation. If you are doing self study then I would suggest you to remain active on GRE online forums like the gradcafe and others like as included below as a link.




You can also get some good books list on the link below.


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