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Please have a look on my issue essay and post some feedback.





Although innovations such as video, computers, and the Internet seem to offer schools improved methods for instructing students, these technologies all too often distract from real learning.
Write a response in which you discuss the extent to which you agree or disagree with the statement and explain your reasoning for the position you take. 
In developing and supporting your position, you should consider ways in which the statement might or might not hold true and explain how these considerations shape your position.
It is a fact that the technological advancement that we experience for about
half a acentury have brought radical altterations in our lifes. The most 
important of them is the positive impact that technology has on education. 
However, some old-fashioned individuals argue that when we use new means 
of instruction like the computers and the internet, students distract for the 
actuall learning. This is certainly a really conservative posision to take.
First of all, in order to illustate the above, we must take a glimpse at 
the impact that technology had in the process of infrormation and knowledge 
speading. Looking few years back it is easy to see that when a new discovery
was made the time it took for it to reach any posible audiance was big. Now, 
the internet has given access to virtually any kind of information that is known 
to man. With just a few clicks students can learn and be inform about anything
a class requires, without have to looking at hundreads of pages and books. So, 
the comfort that technology haw brought cannot be questioned.
In addition to the above, it is imperative that we consider the new means of instruction
available to educators. Up until recently they were certainly limited. A teacher had 
a book and a pen at his disposal. However, now he can illustate the constent of his class
via several means. He can use computer presentations, videos and interactive simulatons.
Explaining an equation on the board is good but having the students run a computer 
simulation on that equation is surely more instructive. Moreover, the impact on other fields
like medice is even more important. Understanding the structure of the heart or the liver
from a two dimmensinal image is realy difficult. However, with modern computer graphics
this obstacle can be easily overcomed. In that way students can focus on undertanding the contect
and not be impeded by the flaws of the instruction mean. 
Those who disagree of the above ideas have a stong argument in their arsenal. The learning process
can be indeed distracted if students are left alone in the technological world. The 
information is copious one can easily be lost if proper guidance is not available. 
This is were the importance of scholls and teachears becomes apparent. When the advancements 
offered by technology are used correctly in the context of a proper curriculum they can
offer important improvement in the instruction process. However, is they are not used correcttly 
by trained and efficient instructors, the result can be inversed.
In conclusion, we see technology has give instructors unbelievable flexibility in the 
process of conveying knowledge. So its importance and positive impact cannot be questioned. 
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