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GRE retake or not?


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Hello everyone!


I am hoping, this fall, to apply to graduate school for political science. I want to apply to schools such as UChicago, Berkeley, and possibly Harvard and Princeton to give it a shot. I would really like to get into a top program, particularly one with a strong political theory department. 


I recently took my GREs and scored: Verbal: 164; Quantitative: 159; Writing: 5.5. I also currently have a GPA of 3.99 with a double major in Political Science and Philosophy and a minor in Classics.


Should I retake my GREs and try for higher scores, or am I in a good position for the schools I'm apply to?


Thank you very much!

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Do you have a reason to think you'd score higher on a retake?  If so, it's worth thinking about.


Most of the top programs require all of their students to take methods (statistics) classes, so a higher quant score is helpful.  I'd also guess that your verbal score is low compared to the median admitted theorist.

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I am really hoping y'all can help me justify not re-re-taking the GRE. I have a 167V (97%) and 157Q (68%) 4.0 (55%).


I read in another section of this forum that one school--I believe it was OSU--rules out the vast majority of accepted applicants from funding if they have below a 75% on Q and V. Does anyone have the inside scoop on whether it is possible/likely/probable to be ruled out from funding due to a mediocre score in one/two/three areas? For example my Q score that I have tried to raise 2X and my W score that I inexplicably bombed this time around?

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