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MBA applying for PhD anthropology at UCSD - wait until I have specific fieldwork exp?


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I want to apply for the doctoral program at UCSD to study anthropology with a primary focus on socio-cultural anthropology and a secondary focus on linguistic anthropology.  My background is a bachelor's in Spanish Literature and MSBA with a focus on Information Systems.  I worked for several years as a linguist/interpreter for the federal government, as well as working for a non-profit that studying Latino cultures and another non-profit that profit social programs to a variety of immigrant populations.  Beyond that I worked in the private sector for domestic and international companies, am fluent in Spanish and proficient in French, have traveled extensively throughout Latin America and France.


My passion is the study of the immigrant experience and value systems, specifically how these may or may not be transferred to the children of newly arrived immigrants.  Areas of interest are the U.S. and South America, and the immigrant experience in Europe, specifically France.


My GRE scores are strong and my GPA in my masters program was 3.4.  I'm specifically looking for feedback on this issue:


As an older 40+ applicant, is it better to do more anthropology specific undergraduate course work and field work BEFORE applying to my preferred schools, with my number one choice being UCSD?  If so, any suggestions for finding field work that is most likely to gain me entrance to my school of choice?  I would prefer to apply now and hopefully get in, but do not want to hurt my chances if waiting a year and applying with more experience would improve my chances.


Thanks in advance for suggestions/feedback!









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I'd apply now and in your SOP explain how your work experience make you a good candidate for graduate work in Anthro.  Your background should more than compensate for a lack of official fieldwork time.  Don't wait your not getting any younger. 

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