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Who has ever used any PhD proposal writing service? Is the service on line good or many of them are low-qualified? e.g. thephdconsultancy, phdproposal.org
I am having a bad time writing proposal. My proposal is very bad now. I want to know if I could get some help from online service. Than you for help.
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Get an ESL editor to help you, rather than a proposal writing service. Irregardless of the quality of the proposal-for-hire websites(and I'd say it's dubious) these services are academically dishonest and leave you in a bad position when you actually have to go about researching the ideas you propose. 


If your proposal is bad because of the ideas rather than the writing or clarity, well then, that's not a problem that you can fix with money. Talk with your advisor and peers to figure out why your proposal is presently bad and what you need to do to fix it. It's your work, you should do it.

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