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PhD Apps: Send GRE scores later?


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Hi folks,


I'm currently preparing for the GRE, aiming to take it either late October or early November. PhD app deadlines are early / mid December, so that will give me (and ETS) a month to distribute test scores to the institutions.


Should I start online applications before the GRE? I have been gathering materials for a little while now: my writing sample is revised, my personal essays are almost complete, my recommenders have been notified of their obligation, I am looking into fee waivers, etc. It seems like the final obstacle is the GRE.


Since I plan to take the test in late October / early November, should I wait to begin filling out applications until then... or should I get a headstart? Does it matter if GRE scores are sent weeks after an application has been submitted? Can you even submit your application without GRE scores?


Sorry for the bombardment of questions!!

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You can submit the rest of the application before you do the GRE. Just make sure they get everything prior to their deadlines. You should also be able to start the application profile and start uploading materials and if you want submit it later. Last year I had my profiles set up a month or two before I actually hit the submit button.

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