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Boosting your resume *during* grad school


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Hi everyone! I know people usually post here asking what they can do to boost their resume before applying for grad school.  But I wanted to ask current grad school students or recent grads what they are doing/have done to build their resume during grad school.  I just started my first semester of first year this month.  So far, it has been a smooth and interesting transition.  I don't have clinic this semester.  But I was wondering if there is anything I can be doing on the side to help with resume. 

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Hi there,


I am also a first semester, first year SLP graduate student hoping to make my resume look great for post-graduation. I will be watching this post for ideas as well.


So far this semester I ran for co-president of NSSLHA (and won), I volunteered in a research lab on my campus, and I am also going to the ASHA convention this November. I applied to be a volunteer for the convention, but my main goal is to network with other professionals and gain research ideas for a thesis. I've been trying to branch out and meet other professors in my department. I would like to volunteer with an SLP or otolaryngologist around my community, but I'm learning that grad school is a juggling act and I'm not sure I have the extra time to volunteer. We shall see though...Other than that I'm just trying to do well in my classes/clinic and make a good impression with my professors.

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