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Type of degree: how much does it matter?


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I'm in the process of applying for a PhD this upcoming application season after a sucessful stint in industry (genomics). I've identified a few target labs and one in particular seems like an amazing fit. The degree offered however is in chemistry, and my career goals do not involve pure chemistry. The coursework and research will be 50/50 molecular and computational biology and I would like to set up a career in industry along these lines. I know in academia you are measured by the papers you have, rather than the category of your degree, but I fear industry may not be so openminded. Any advice or comments to this dynamic would be much appreciated. Thanks!!


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One of our new PIs came from industry and said it didn't matter the degree title, but the lab you join. For example, under my Biochemistry degree I could join his lab and be a microbial geneticist, or another lab and be a structural biologist. The lab choice is what really matters.

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