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What are my chances? Neuroscience programs


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Hi all,

I am going to apply for Neuroscience PhD programs for the Fall 2015 semester. I want to hear from your experiences and your opinions of what you think my chances of getting into a program are.

The following is how my application is looking like:

3.00 GPA undergrad (3.64 psychology); 3.7 last 2 semesters
3.64 GPA Masters (behavioral Neuroscience) Graduation spring 2015
Strong letters of recommendation from: My PI which is the dean of research, Chair of the neuroscience program, and from another PI I volunteered for.
4 years research experience, 5 poster presentations (3 national conferences), 2 published research articles (1 as second author), 1 article pending.
I am scheduled to take the GREs soon but I project my score to be in the 60th percentile for both verbal and quantitative.

I know that a lot of universities have cut offs based on GRE and GPA. My GRE score are not very competitive. 

Some of the schools that I want to apply for are NYU, Columbia, UCSD, US Davis, Boston, Stony book, UPenn. What do you think my chances are? 

If you have any advice or If you know of any Neuroscience programs that I would be a good fit, please leave a comment. Thank you.



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I think that overall your application looks very good, but to be competitive for some of the top programs you list, the GRE should be well above the 60th percentile. Try to do as well as you can on the GRE; then you can always give it a shot, but consider also less competitive programs.

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