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How can I ask a prof who is currently teaching me for LOR?


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Hi guys, I'm currently in two classes with two amazing profs and I really want LORs from them. However I'm applying this fall so I can't wait for the final marks to come out this term. I'm wondering if it's possible to ask them after the midterm mark comes out. But midterms are in late October, so might be a little bit too late, since the profs are really busy people with multiple positions in different institutes. So should I ask them at all? If so, when is the proper time?

Thanks for reading!


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I agree with Vene. Talk with them now so that they are prepared to write you a letter (provided that they agreed to write a LOR) when the midterms arrive. Establish the relationship now (go to office hours with thoughtful questions, for example) and send them your application materials (CV, SOP) so they can write the best possible letter. A grade is only one component of the letter (and it's not really that important). They are evaluating your characteristics and work ethic that will determine success in graduate school. One of my letter writers didn't even teach me, but I have worked as a research volunteer with him.

Overall, if you feel that you can give an accurate picture of how you would do in graduate school to these professors, then go ahead and ask them for the letters.

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