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Need advice, should I ask LOR from this professor?


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I know you're supposed to ask LORs from professors who have taught you or had direct academic contact with you.

But I was wondering if it is OK if one out of the three LORs, one of them is from someone who doesn't write about you from an academic

or professional perspective.


Let's just say I have a family friend who is also a well known professor from a prestigious university related to the field I'm applying to

(MPP), he's known me since I was a kid but has never taught me so wouldn't be able to write about my academic performance and stuff.


I need advice from you guys please, is it necessary to ask him for a recommendation or should I just ask another professor who has taught me but doesn't know me too well and isn't as well known as him?



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I think a letter from someone who you have done research with or had multiple classes with with be better, even if the person is less well know. My reasoning for this is that it is really important that the LOR includes specific examples or times when you were impressive. For example, a research advisor can point to specifc work that was great or professors can discuss awesome extra credit projects or whatever else makes you stand out. This person, even though they are well know, cant include any examples like this (I am guessing?). Mentioning your great personality traits doesnt go too far if they cant reference specific examples when you displayed them. All the family friend will be able to to is mention the stuff that is already in your CV which pretty much defeats the point in the letter.

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