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Chances of getting into MA Econ programs...


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Hi all,


I'm trying to figure out my next course of action in my application process. I'm 24, graduated from the liberal arts school Lewis & Clark College in Portland, Oregon in 2012 with a BA in U.S. History and decided earlier this year that I want to pursue a MA in Economics. I have been working as a Data Analyst at a big intellectual property law firm in San Francisco the last couple of years and I have a fair amount of seemingly irrelevant (to economics), but professional work experience. I want a MA in Economics to get a career in market research and business intelligence working with big data. I took a smattering of economics classes in undergraduate, but none that completely fulfill any of the grad programs prerequisites so i am taking classes at UC Berkeley to nail down prerequisites before i can apply. 


Classes I have taken for prereq.:

- Statistics

- Microeconomics


Classes I will take within the next 6 months:

- Calculus I

- Calculus II

- Macroeconomics


My gpa from undergrad is a 3.6, and my gre score is 165 Verbal, 160 Quant, 5 AW


Schools I am looking at, possibly apply to:


UNC Chapel Hill

UT Austin

UC Santa Barbara


Claremont Graduate University

New School

Boston University

American University


UBC Vancouver


Would GREATLY appreciate a reply! Just trying to get a better understanding of what schools I should apply to and my chances. My quant GRE score ain't ideal, but I am gonna stick with it. I have a very strong writing background that will hopefully shine through on my app.

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Are you sure that all of these schools offer an MA that's not just en route to their PhD program (i.e., you can only get the master's if you're admitted for the PhD)? Also, have you considered data science master's degrees?

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 I want a MA in Economics to get a career in market research and business intelligence working with big data.


I have never heard of this particular route to a career in market research. Who suggested it to you?


That said, MA Economics programs require up to Calc III (you cannot study microeconomic theory at the upper-undergraduate level without Calc III, technically). They also expect a course in probability (not a 100-level in statistics) and/or econometrics. I would recommend that you email the admin assistants at the schools you're considering and ask them what the math background of a typical successful applicant is, because that is the 90% crucial differentiator.

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