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Latest to take general GRE? (Dec 2 deadline for apps)


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Hi all,


If you could address either of these questions individually or both, I would really appreciate any help!!



I've been studying for the GRE, but studying is taking longer than expected, and I have an amazingly chaotic fall. 


I'm applying to programs that have a Dec 2 deadline (in biology/genetics/genomics), and I'm wondering what's the latest I can take the general GRE.


On the website, it says to expect 10-12 days for score reports (I'm assuming business days). Does that mean I can take the test as late as the third weekend of November (such as the 15th)? And if I wanted to give myself a cushion of 21 days (to retake if I needed), the second to last weekend of October (say October 26)? Or are my calculations way off?


Likewise, are grad schools slightly flexible on when they can accept scores?



On a slightly related note: I received accommodations in college (time and a half on exams due to dyslexia), and originally I didn't realize how complicated it would be to get accommodations on the GRE. Now, I'm regretting the choice of not looking into the paperwork sooner...but it takes at least 6 weeks to have accommodations approved for the GRE, and that would be past my grad schools' deadlines. Would grad schools possibly accept later scores, if I were waiting on approval for accommodations?


How much of an issue is timing on the general GRE–assuming I am well studied on the material–since my accommodation would be time and a half? 


Thanks for any clarifying help!


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