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How important is it to have all A's?

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I have a fairly strong application, 3.78 GPA, 160V, 170Q, 3.5AW, My leading recommender knows faculty at every university I'm applying to and we are working together to submit a paper by November, my other is publishing a LOT and I got an A+ in his graduate class, and my other is a professor I TA for that seems to really like me. The only problem is that freshman year I got a B+ in an honors accelerated calc class, and first semester sophomore year I got a B in honors discrete math and a B+ in diff eq. Does this ruin my chances of getting into a top 10 masters program? I got A's in every other computer science and math course I've taken. I only want to get into UT Austin, but I fear I may have ruined my chances by being lazy my freshman and sophomore year.

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