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Visiting Columbia and CUNY for Graduate Admissions Fair?

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Next week, Columbia and CUNY are hosting graduate admissions fairs with presentations and panels. It serves as a perfect opportunity to meet potential advisers, speak with the admissions committees, and get a better understanding if the department is the right fit for me (anthro). 


But I do have a problem. I'm actually auditing a course at Rutgers Newark to keep my mind intellectually stimulated on my year off from school. I'm also learning about their department and whatnot. 


The admissions fairs are the same day as my Rutgers class next week. Should I miss class? I already missed class once because of a psychological breakdown that left me in the hospital. :( My professor thinks I had car trouble, but I was in the hospital for anxiety. 


If I miss the admissions fair, do I burn a bridge? What do I do? HELP! 

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I don't know anything about Columbia, but with regards to CUNY, if it is the general, school-wide graduate fair, you likely will not meet anyone important from your field, and only receive very general application advice. At least that was my experience a couple of years ago.

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