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Applying CS and EEE Ms-PhD Programs (confused)


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Dear all,


I am in senior year of my bachelor degree in electrical electronics engineering in a "good enough" university. Now I am planning to apply Ms or PhD. Before asking help, it is better to look at my CV at a glance.  https://docs.google.com/document/d/1ZjLejSDzTCix0QTxp8xh_MH_MLulfribJr9ioJHEUyE/edit?usp=sharing


As you noticed, no GPA info is included. I don't know my GPA for now and won't look at it because of some personal reasons. It is in the range of [3.60, 3.35].

From my reserch at Nanotechnology lab, we are about to finished a paper and taking out a patent whom I'm the first author and invester of.

My summer intern at CERN has a possiblity of ending up with a paper also, but it will be late for applications. I am also continuing working at CERN remotely.


Now, I am planning to apply to some CS and EEE fields for MS. and PhD. To perfect fit, I think, applying to related machine learning, signal processing and high speed computing positions are okey. The best fit would be some professors experimently working on machine learning, or maybe projects like Human Brain Project which requires both ML and high speed computing experiences. At that time, I am searching suitable professors, projects and universities.


I will apply 4 uni in top10, 5 uni between 10-20 and 4 uni from 20-30. What do you think about my chances? Or what would you do if you were me? Is it meaningful to apply top10 universities for someone in my situation? (low GPA, good research exp, very good recommendation letters, -no TOEFL/GRE yet)


Thanks in advances,

Good luck for all applicants

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You almost always should apply for top schools because that's the highest bar you're shooting for. It also increases your options and probability, and you won't have any regrets (if you're questioning about it now, you will want to know in the future the "what if" question).

I would say here's the order of importance in grad school: recommendation letters > research experience > statement of purpose > GPA/GRE. So in your boat, I would say you have a good shot. Go for it!

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