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Hi all,


Sorry if this is a question that comes up a lot. I was unable to find a satisfactory answer on here. I'm applying to MBA programs, and most of them want a resume (or CV for non-American applicants). I have a nice-looking two-page resume, but a lot of the second page is volunteer work, awards, scholarships, etc. It seems that a lot of the applications ask for those things in the app itself, so should I try to pare my resume down to one page and eliminate them? Or should I just keep it as two pages and just have a lot of the other stuff listed during the application, as well.

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There's always going to be redundancies between different parts of your application (especially the CV). Do they specify a page limit? Because in other circles of academia it's not uncommon for CVs to spiral into 4 or 5 pages (including publications, talks, grants, classes taught, etc.). Not sure how you business folk do things, though. My advice would be to try and build the best resume you can-- the most resume-yiest resume-- without fear of repeating yourself elsewhere. The admissions committee is looking for a nice, graphically easy summary of your experiences and accomplishments.

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