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MFA Sculpture


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Hi Elana,


I saw your other topics as well. I've just started at the sculpture program at IUP which is about an hour outside of Pittsburgh. There are some incredible facilities here - there's an excellent woodworking/furniture program (with which we work pretty closely) and the sculpture studio itself has some pretty amazing facilities in its own right, and is getting better. There's also a brand-new jewelry/metals professor, so hopefully that will get pretty built out soon. Sean Derry, the head of the sculpture program does more conceptual work than what you're working in, but is capable, critical and open-minded. I'm not sure if there are folks in the sculpture program who will necessarily push you in the figurative direction, but if you're looking for material explorations, I think this is a great place to be.


It's not a very well-known program, so the connections aren't here like at Yale or Hunter, but Sean has a pretty strong practice in Pittsburgh, and there are resources and connections available if you want them. It is pretty remote here, though, and the winters can be tough. I personally chose it because of the facilities, and the fact that I don't come from a typical background (my work is between art, design and the social sciences, and I tend to work in wood and crochet). Feel free to PM me with any questions.

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