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Should I take the GRE for M.T.S. pograms?


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I'm considering applying to top tier M.T.S. programs and wanted to get some opinions about taking the GRE. I know that some schools will waive the requirement if you already have a master's.


Briefly, here's my educational background:


B.A. in Biblical Studies (3.26, small conservative evangelical college)

M.A. in Bible Translation (3.65, evangelical seminary)


Thanks for your help.

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Hmm... I don't know much about the program you're applying to, but I would have to say, only take the GRE if the programs you are looking to apply to require it and if you have the time and money to invest in preparing for the exam because it is a hard exam! It's not something that you can cram the week before (well some people do it, but it's not recommended). It took me two months to prepare for the GRE, and even after all that prep, I re-wrote the GRE a second time because I wasn't satisfied with my original scores. Each time you take the GRE it costs 200$ (for Canadians anyways). So it's definitely something you need to think about. All this to say, if the GRE is not required, or if you don't think it'll make a huge impact on your overall application, I would not take it. 

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