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URGENT!Chemistry SOP:mentioning about year loss due to medial emergency

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Hi All,

          I am an applicant from India applying for US PhD programs in chemistry in Fall 2015. I am in a lot of doubts about highlighting a specific issue in my SOP. While I was doing my MS in 2006, I could not appear in the exam as I had medical emergency and had to take readmission. As a result it took three years for me to complete MS instead of two and I finished MS by 2008 instead of 2007. So my transcript shows cross marks in the first year exam of MS in 2006. Now my doubt is that should I mention about the fact in details in my SOP so that Adcom does not grant it as a backlog due to study negligence? Eventually I topped my class when I finished my MS in 2008.

Thanks! Please suggest! This is really urgent as I dont have much time in hand before applying. Any suggestion would be appreciated. 

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No need to be overly specific, or to focus on the event in wholly negative, apologetic terms. You could say something to the effect that you're really committed to studying this field and that you continued to pursue it in the face of a medical emergency in 2007. But now that you're all better and are prepared to undertake this big PhD project with renewed vigor. It's a good idea to mention it, but an even better idea to weave it into a narrative about your personal drive/perseverance. Good luck!

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