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skinny on the uc system


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Anyone have the skinny on Anthro grad programs in the UC system, particularly Davis and Santa Barbara?  Is it possible to get funding? 

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Def. not if you're an international student (in regards to internal funding). I think out of state students are required to take on california residency after a year, so that they can get the same perks at the in state students for most of their program. That first year, however, may or may not be extra expensive.

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I'm at UCSD, and I got funding! A few other people from my cohort also got funding, and the other ones are just TAing.

biisis is right, you have to get California residency before your second year starts in order for your funding packet to cover your tuition; otherwise, you'll have to pay the difference.

International students have to pay international tuition until they qualify. Once they qualify, they can get resident tuition for 9 consecutive quarters.


UC Anthro programs don't have a ton of money, but look into the diversity fellowships and other options. But yes, funding is an option (for some).

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