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Speech Language Pathologists Abroad

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If you want to still be working for the US while abroad, then consider looking at military bases working as a civilian. Most jobs at in the schools of military bases, but some can be in clinics as well. Usually the DoDEA lists jobs on usajobs.gov ... sometimes you can find things through the different branches as well. I know some people that are on the 'lists' and get contacted every so often about new opportunities and they can decide to decline or accept them.


Other options are the mutual agreements with Canada, UK, Ireland, New Zealand, Australia... I think some say Australia and Canada have good prospects, but the UK/Ireland barely have jobs for even their own SLPs. 


You can also try working for international schools. This might be more difficult to find jobs, but it's worth a shot. If you have a specific country in mind try to find international schools and see if you can send an application or if they even have SLPs already (this option might mean you need to buy tests and supplies though). Also, I highly recumbent going to ASHA's find a professional page... there's an option to search for other countries. Then you can find ASHA certified people in those countries and try to contact them (or even Google them... some have websites). They can then give you tips on working abroad. If you're bilingual then you of course have more options and can work in clinics or hospitals in those countries too. If not... then probably just schools (unless there is a big expat population that might need a private clinic for English. 


You can also try finding the respected country's speech pathology organization website... or find Facebook groups with professionals to ask if they think there's a need for an English SLP in X area, and to see about conferences and such around there too. I've done this for Spain... searching for 'logopedia' and 'logopeda' (speech-language pathology and speech pathologist in Spanish) and found several groups. You can also see if there are expat groups on the web or on FB. Some websites list english-speaking therapists or people searching for therapists... and you can also use these to ask people if they think there's a need for a SLP in that area.

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