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Please suggest


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Hi! I am new here.

This is my profile:

Please suggest specialization and Universities with scope for scholarship and good placement offers for MS in CS for the following profile

GRE: 310(149v,161q,3.5 AWA)
TOEFL: not yet taken
ICSE : 91.14%
Inter: 96.30%
B.Tech.(E.C.E.) : 88.45% (till date)

Mini project:
Mobile communications at B.S.N.L

3 certification courses at B.S.N.L. (this training was given to 10 selected students from each college)

Academic achievements related to CS:

1)topped in CS in X grade(core JAVA),

2)full score in C programming language lab external in B.Tech first year


Programming languages known: C (B.Tech.) , C++ (VIII grade), core JAVA (X grade)


I like programming and am interested in CS

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