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PhD Finance - Evaluate My Profile

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I am new to this group. I want to pursue a PhD in Finance. Below is my profile.

Educatinal Background

Master in Physics - IIT Kanpur. (INDIA) 8.6/10

Professinal Background

1 year in AT&T holding company as Software Programmer

1 year in Goldman Sachs in Technology as Developer Ananlyst

1.5 year in Thomas White, a Chicago based Asset Management Compnay, as Quantitative Analyst

Professinal Cerftifications

CFA Level - I

CFA Level - II

PRM Level - II

Test Scores

GMAT 730

GRE 800Q+660V


My aim after completetion of PhD is to get a job in corporate, and I am not looking at an academic position. This is may be important for selection of school e.g. Stanford PhD is more geared toward an academic career.

Kindly review my profile. It will be helpful to get feedback on how I can make my chances better for a PhD.

Also could you guide me which schools are good from the perspective of what I want to achieve with a PhD.

Best Regareds

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