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MS in Analytics/ Data Science programs

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I am interested in applying to a MS in Analytics or Data Science program for this fall 2015 enrollment.

I will be applying to the following programs.  Could you please rank these according to quality of education and their ability to get me employed with a top tier firm like Google, Facebook, Twitter, etc.?


Columbia University, MS in Data Science

NYU, MS in Data Science

Northwestern, MS in Analytics

Georgia Tech, MS in Analytics

Harvard, MS in Computational Math and Engineering

NC State, MS in Analytics


If you know of any other great programs that I should consider applying to, please let me know.  


Thanks for your help!



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I am currently working at FB and I met two coworkers from the Analytics program at Northwestern University. I cannot share their names due to the privacy concerns but you can certainly find them through a bit of LinkedIn research. Based on what I heard from them, it sounds like the NU program seems to have a good presence among Silicon Valley giants. You might be able to find many other NU alumni who are currently working at the companies you mentioned above.

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