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PhD In Applied Mathematics-GRE Scores and Overall Application


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Hello everyone


I am an international student interested in applying for PhD programs in Applied Mathematics. As an undergraduate, I studied mechanical engineering and mathematics. My cumulative GPA is 3.88 and my math GPA is 3.9ish. I just did the GRE today and scored 159 in Q and 152 for the verbal. I am disappointed in my quantitative scores, I was aiming for at least 162+ (I wasn't surprised however, I did not prepare well I only studied for the exam for 2 days) as Cornell's website advise for "extremely high quantitative scores" in order to have a successful application in applied mathematics. Does anyone know what decent schools (i.e. top 50 or so) require for the GRE for applicants in applied mathematics? I am thinking of retaking the exam, is it advisable or is the 159 good enough? As an undergraduate, I have a full journal article which I am a first author along with 2 of my professors. I also co-authored two extended abstracts and I have decent TA experience even as an undergraduate. What are my chances of getting into a decent program?


Thanks and good luck to all!!

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