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Advice on Midwest SA Masters Programs


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Hi there! I'm looking for some advice/thoughts on Masters Programs in Student Affairs/Higher Education in the midwest.  (I'll list the schools below).


A little about me...I'm currently a senior speech-language pathology major, I will graduate in May 2015 with a BA.  My current GPA is 3.57 and I have taken the GRE (147 Quant, 150 Verbal, 4.0 Writing).  As you can probably guess, I'm extremely involved on campus and have been every year of undergrad...and have also received a few awards in the area of student leadership.  I always expected to become a speech therapist, but I've since fallen in love with everything that Student Affairs/Higher Ed can offer.  I would love any input you have on these programs, likelihood of getting in with my stats, which are worth applying to, etc. Thanks so much!!


Illinois State University

University of Illinois (Urbana-Champaign)

Western Illinois University

Eastern Illinois University

Southern Illinois University Edwardsville

Indiana University Bloomington

University of Missouri (Columbia)

University of Northern Iowa

Iowa State University

University of Iowa 

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Whatever you do, DO NOT go to Western Illinois University.  I cannot go into details to protect myself, but the program has become a literal shit hole.  It is not a supportive environment and too remote to get you any kind of externship easily.

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