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which universities offer statistics master program for phd later


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Hi all,


I am applying for master of statistics in the states this year. Since I am thinking of pursuing phd in statistics afterwards, I am wondering which master programs are good preparation for taking phd later. Also, I am particularly interested in probability and stochastic process, I want to know which schools are the strongest in these fields. Thanks

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I am not aware of any Statistics joint MS/PhD programs (i.e. where people who perform well in the MS can just go straight into the PhD program). Typically when people are in terminal MS programs in Statistics (as opposed to being in a PhD program and getting a Masters along the way), they have to apply again to the PhD program or to other PhD programs. However, in this case, it might be possible to obtain the PhD in four years rather than five. A lot of PhD programs will allow transfers of credits and will allow you to skip the Masters level classes if you can pass their qualifying exam.


I think any MS program that requires the Casella-Berger probability/statistical inference sequence, regression, design of experiments, linear models, and statistical computing should be good preparation for a PhD program. If you get the terminal MS and then continue onto a PhD program and pass the qualifying exams before starting your first year, then that typically saves a year of classes in the PhD program. (That is what I did -- although my MS is in Applied Math, I had taken the courses that were tested on the first year exam, and I passed the exam so I can finish the coursework requirements in two years instead of three).

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