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Applying to multiple departments at the same school (specifically Yale, Photo and Sculpture)


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I'd love to hear if anyone has any thoughts on this.  Is there any reason that it's not advisable to apply to two programs at the same school?  I consider myself more of a sculptor than a photographer, but most of my work is interdisciplinary, and almost all of it has some photo based component.  For example, my current work explores installations in the natural landscape, that ultimately will be shown through photographed images (and video) in the gallery setting. 


My top choice is Yale, and my true aim is to enter the sculpture program there, but I'm considering applying to photography as well.  When I look at the student work in the photo program, for one it's incredibly impressive, and much of it, in my mind, has sculptural elements in terms of process and content.  So I wonder if I shouldn't give it a shot, both to increase my chances of being accepted to my top school, and because I imagine my practice could fit quite well within either program. 


I'm wondering though if there may be a downside - if this may be taken as a lack of clarity on my part regarding my work and direction.


Thanks in advance for any insight!

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Potentially a waste of money?


Maybe check with Yale to find out if one department would pass your application over to the other, if they thought it a better fit, or if they require a separate application. A few programs have mentioned, in their info sessions, that they will do this, and I experienced this last year—my application at one school was reviewed by two committees from two different departments. 

Some programs only accept one application—presumably because they want you to be more decisive about what conversations you want to have.
I can see your dilemma though. 
I have a friend whose practice sounds similar and she places herself squarely in the category of photography while acknowledging the importance of sculpture. However, unless you are engaging with actual issues around photography and/or the photographic image it might be better to stick with the sculpture department.
Why do you consider yourself primarily a sculptor?
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Just thought I should add (for others reading this) that I saw that someone on another thread (from a previous year) recommended applying to multiple departments at SAIC. There may be other places where that is advisable as well.

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