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Profile Evaluation for Statistics PhD Please


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Hello everyone,


I am in my second to last semester in my undergraduate degree and I am currently making final decisions in programs. I wanted to ask for some advices on if some of my choices would be waste of application fee.


Ethnicity: International (Asian) Male


Education: Big 10 institution, Statistics Major. (Cumulative GPA: 3.28, Major GPA: 3.50), I also went to a semester exchange to a lesser known state university twice.


Some Relevant Courses:

* after the course name indicates a course transferred from  a community college.

** after the course name indicates a course transferred from the lesser known state university from the exchange.


Freshman: Calculus I* (A-), Calculus II (A-), Algebra based intro to stats (A)

Sophomore: Lin Alg & Diff Eq (D -> B-, retaken), Multivariable Calculus** (B+), Calc Based Intro to Prob&Stats (A-)

Junior: Intro to Proofs (B+), Probability Theory (B-), Advanced Linear Algebra** (A), Data Analysis** (A), Intro to C++ (A)

Senior Semester 1: Real Analysis I (Rudin), Nonparametrics, Regression Analysis.

Senior Semester 2: Real Analysis II, Experiment Design, Senior Project, Mathematical Stats.


Research Experience

I did an independent study concerning some experiment and statistical hypothesis tests. Nothing theoretical or deep.



Unpaid internship from a nonprofit organization. What I did was basically get all the raw data in Excel and produce statistical analysis reports.



I took it after sophomore year just for a heck of it and got murdered at the verbal section.

V: 149 (40%)

Q: 165 (91%)

AWA: 3.0 (14%)


I am retaking GRE in three weeks. I am reasonably aiming for 50th percentile (151) Verbal and status quo or higher on Quant.



1: Independent study adviser and Data Analysis class professor (He should be able to describe my research, statistical, and R programming ability).

2: Advanced Linear Algebra professor (He should be able to describe my mathematical and C++ programming ability)

3: Academic adviser.


All of them should be able to write be 'favorable' letters (I specifically asked them if they would be comfortable).


Places in mind

I posted a profile eval request earlier this year and cyberwulf suggested schools with 30+ ranks. I chose these schools based on their USNWR ranking and my research and geographical interests. I am interested in nonparametrics and application to another disciplines and plan on applying 6-7 programs.


UC Davis (PhD)

Colorado State (PhD)

Oregon State (MS)

Arizona State (PhD)

University of British Columbia (MSc)

UC Santa Barbara (PhD)

UC Santa Cruz (PhD)

UC San Diego (PhD)

University of New Mexico (PhD)

University of Wyoming (PhD)


Do you think any of these schools are unreasonable reach? I don't want to spend around $100 just to get rejected.


I would greatly appreciate your advices and thank you very much for your time in advance.

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