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Planning my next move


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Greetings all,


First off, let me explain my situation.  I am an American student who is currently completing a Master's in Biomedical Engineering, but studying abroad (in large part due to financial reasons).  I did my undergrad in the states.  While my undergraduate wasn't exactly spectacular (GPA just above 3.1), I will graduate my Master's in good standing with a 3.5.


I am now trying to decide what I want to do with the rest of my life.  I am a bit older than other Master's graduates (having royally screwed up my first time at university and having to transfer after my third year).  I've been to the Career Office here, but as they usually prepare those people for entering the job market in my current country, they can't provide help to non-local students who are going back to their own countries.


So far, the options I am considering are either doing a global MBA (here or back in the US), continuing onto a PhD, or simply joining the workforce.


Can someone who has gone through a similar situation give me some advice about how they made their final decisions?  What things did you consider when you made your decision?


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