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Hi there..I could use some advise!

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I've basically just started my Masters program here in the UK in International Economics and I'm already struggling. I’ve been out of school and working for 3 yrs. I decided to go back to school this yr and just concentrate on this maters full time.

My background is in business and I only had basic economics classes with almost no math problems. I did realize before I applied to this course that I was going to have put in a lot of hard work since I didn’t do pure economics but, I didn't expect the material to be almost new to me.

I chose Economics because I’m actually really interested in this subject. I’m always watching and reading related shows/magazines; but I find that reality is actually quite different from the lectures and classes. Sigh

Anyways, I’m contemplating changing courses and prob doing an MBA. I spoke to that department and it’s not too late. I was told that with my background, I actually stand a good chance of being accepted BUT I do not want to do an MBA. I also spoke to this lady in the Econ department and she told me I could “hire” a Phd student as a tutor. I’m seriously contemplating this option but I’m not sure I will be able to catch up with the class. I’ve also spoken with the Math methods professor and he advised me stick around at least for another week, before I decide to change programs. He told me the material should be easier as we progress. He didn’t want to make too easy for students at the beginning.

The classes I’m taking this semesters are Econometric methods, Mathematical methods and Advanced Macroeconomics. I’m only seeking help with the Math methods as all these modules seem interrelated.

The lecturers have all recommended review books I should be reading—which I don’t mind—. My only worry is that I might not be able to catch up on time for our first term exam at the end of November.

I would like to get opinions from people familiar with Economics and these particular courses. Will I be able to catch up or not? As I’m typing this I realize I really don’t want to do an MBA right now lol I’m ready to spend sleepless night trying to learn these modules.

Any advice on how I should go about establishing a study plan? I already have the review books recommended by the professors.

Thanks for helping an -almost- desperate soul! J


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No one can really give you this advice, even if they've taken the same classes, because we don't know just how much catch-up you have to do.  But I will say, don't try to get a degree you're not really motivated to get (ie don't switch to an MBA program), that's a recipe for disaster, since a lack of motivation can be just as bad (if not worse) than a lack of preparation.  If you really feel you're not up to the courses drop them and reapply for the degree you want later.  

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Tutors can be great! I'd give that option a shot. Additionally, going forward, you might want to pick courses that involve a little less math, if that's at all an option. Having never taken any economics courses I am speculating beyond reason here, but maybe historical or micro-economics would be a little kinder?

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