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Advice on retaking GRE with current Q-164. Applying for MSCS.


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I scored an average Q - 164, V- 156 and AW 4. On TOEFL, I scored 116. I have an above average GPA of 8.11/10 (EE) from IIT, some voluntary research projects during college which did not convert into a published papers, + 1.5 years of work ex as a software engineer.


I am aiming to get into at least one of the following schools to follow my passion and do research in image processing/machine learning:

  • UPenn
  • Columbia
  • GeorgiaTech
  • UCLA
  • USC
  • UCSD
  • UCSC
  • UC-Irvine
  • NUS
  • University of Toronto
  • CMU
  • UT-Austin
  • Rice University
  • UMass-Amherst
  • and Purdue University

Is it a good idea to retake the GRE at this point of time, when the deadlines are so close? How important are the scores? Does the low quants score reduce my chances of getting into at least one of the above mentioned universities?


Thanks a lot for the advice


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