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Masters in Human Resources


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Hello everyone,

I am writing this post because I'm having a hard time finding information about HR Masters programs. I am an undergraduate at UIUC, and hope to get into the LER school here. I know it is competitive, and I guess I'm just interested to see if anyone that had similar stats was accepted. I've never had an HR internship, which is worrisome, but I do have research experience. My GPA is 3.45 as of now, but the school only looks at the last two years of undergrad, so it would be about a 3.8. My GRE score is the same as the average accepted listed on their website.


Are there any other HR programs I should be applying to? I'm considering Minnesota, as I talked to their dean of admissions at a graduate school fair, but I wanted a safety school as well. I want to stay in the Illinois area, but I feel like programs at DePaul or Loyola are not worth going into. Any advice is appreciated!



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I am also considering applying to UIUC and Minnesota. Unfortunately, I don't know of any better programs in the Illinois area other than UIUC. There aren't too many websites that I found dedicated to listing the best HR programs. I do recall looking at one website that listed top 10 HR Schools but the information on there is from 2009 if I recall correctly (got to try and find the link). These are most of the programs I'm considering applying to (all were on the list except Georgetown I believe) after I retake the GRE in a few weeks:


USC- Moore




Cornell- (MILR)

Columbia- (M.S. in Organizational Psychology in case that interests you as well)

Georgetown University- (Master of Professional Studies- HR) (safety school)


USC and MSU certainly boast high their high placement rates. My top 5 choices: Cornell, Columbia, USC, UIUC, and MSU. I am also applying to a few MBA programs that have a focus on HR. I am a little suspicious about the Georgetown program since no test scores are required for domestic admission but the school as a whole is respected in many fields and a quick LinkedIn search apparently revealed that Delliote really does like hiring some of the program's grads... I'm still weary of course because I actually looked on the Craigslist resume section and found a resume there of a recent grad from the program who's been looking for work for a few months now. However, this person did land an excellent internship after graduation and worked in the field while attending school, so I am not totally sure what his or her circumstances may be...


What I do know for sure is that I love this field and I hope to post some good results at the end of this app cycle. Also, please, come back to submit your results, I will do the same!

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