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Oxford English MA 1550-1700? Or Medieval?

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Has anyone out there taken this course lately?


I'm trying to do some more resaerch to find out if I want to apply for this program, but their website is terrible... almost no information on the course. I'm mostly interested in drama, Shakespeare's contemporaries and just following. Also Milton, and people from around that time.

I'm trying to decide if I want to go Early modern or medieval and hoping for some more info... Unfortunately, despite the fact that I knew I wanted to study early Brit Lit right ouf of high school,  my tiny undergrad college just didn't have a medievalist on faculty for most of my time there, so I only managed to squeeze in one Arthurian Lit course and audit a Chaucer class.

I'm also pretty worried about the language requirements. I took Latin in high school, but not since. I know a little French, but not much. (Honestly my best foreign language at this point is Old English after taking a few classes... not relevent here.)

(I'm almost tempted to skip the Oxford app and just apply to Cambridge since they don't make you pick medieval or early modern in your application!! ><)

Does anyone have any info about the course, or the medieval one? Like it or didn't? Does the faculty have any drama people onboard, and would they be supportive of a student who wants to do some performance history style work as well?




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