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Hi Guys!

So I need some opinions. Graduated w/BS in Chemical Engineering w/a 2.69 GPA. I Also did 1 year of pharmaceutical research and landed some internships. Currently work in a huge cosmetics firm. Its been an year since i graduated and I'm thinking I want to go back to school for a MS in Biochemistry or Chemistry.

GRE: 710Q and 450V .

Do you guys think I can get in? Granted poor GPA, but my GRE is alright and my recommendations are going to be great [im a people person-so even though i sucked it up royally in undergrad-i still have some pull w/professors]

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I'm hesitant to lend credibility to the details provided. I looked up my undergraduate/master's program and they have extremely outdated contact information (the individual listed hasn't been the department head for nearly four years) and the faculty count was two years out of date. When I looked up my incoming doctoral program, the information about admissions requirements wasn't correct, either.

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Your GPA is brutal and GRE is below average for a science person. I'd think you have a tough time getting into those other schools with only a year of experience... may I suggest you try taking a few classes as a non-degree student and then demonstrate that you're capable of doing graduate-level work? That will significantly bolster your application on the GPA side.

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