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A little directionless


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Hi all, looking for some advice...


As a first generation college student who worked full time while I went to school, I didn't make a lot of connections in college (no time) and don't really know where to turn for advice on direction.  Sorry for the super long post - really hoping someone will have some advice for me.


I earned by BA in Criminology from UC Irvine originally intending to go to law school.  I started working for a law school at the time and decided it wasn't the path for me.  I enrolled in Northwestern University's distance MPPA and am approaching my (last) thesis quarter.  My thesis is a truly interdisciplinary study of the factors (social, behavioral, cognitive, economic, etc.) that reduce criminal recidivism.  It morphed into an interest in positive criminology and non-custodial methods (which seems to be the most successful in reducing recidivism).


I really want to continue this course of study in a PhD program along with some other research on the way people with external vs. internal sources of control respond to custodial and noncustodial criminology.  I want to do the research and the policy recommendations with an ultimate goal of teaching and starting a non-profit.


My problem is, I have no idea what kind of program would best support this type of work.  It is a truly interdisciplinary endeavor and most of the graduate programs I'm looking at don't seem to work.


I live in Southern California and can't relocate.  Looking for something with funding.  I am hoping that my 10 years of experience in educational administration would make me attractive for graduate assistant work that would help pay for it.


Since I worked all through my undergrad my gpa isn't as good as it could be.  About 3.7 in undergrad and 3.6 in the Masters. 


The only program I know of that does what exactly what I hope to do is UC Irvine's PhD in Criminology or Social Ecology.  However, I can't find any data on their entering student stats or what my chances would be of admission.  I know if I wasn't working full time I could excel in graduate school far beyond the level I've performed at so far.  Does anyone know if I have a shot, and how much the work and research in the Masters program would improve my chances?


Thanks and hope to hear from someone!


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