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U of Chi vs Columbia College Chicago

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So I know at first this maybe seems like a weird dilemma. But I need help. I've read a lot on these forums about all the pros and cons of the MAPH program at U of Chi, and I'm well aware of what I'm getting into. What I'd like to hear is what people think of these two schools comparitively after hearing what I want to do.

So- I'm interested in working in television. Eventually, I hope to become a creative executive for a network or cable company- as in, I help develop and work with shows that are on the air.

At U of Chi, I get a name, a thriving academic atmosphere (I love school and excell in academics, so this is important), and a brief, one-year Masters. At Columbia College Chicago's AEMM (Arts, Entertainment and Media Management) program, I'll get hands-on, practical experience, the chance to work (and network) with those who are active in my field and the opportunity to do a semester in LA. CCC's program is two years.

I think that CCC's program might be a better fit, but honestly, the cost is the same (maybe even more expensive at CCC). Can anyone offer some advice/insight? Either way I'm aware I'll be taking on a lot of debt. But what will matter more: the big name and theoretical/academic experience at U of Chi, or the practicality and connections of CCC?

BTW- the MAPH program is kind of create-your-own, but I'm probably going to do a hybrid of Creative Writing/Cinema-Media Studies.

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CCC for sure. U of Chi gets you no closer to you goals. Also, there are people doing film production MFAs at CCC, which is helpful. You should meet and work with those people.

But honestly, the best path to your career goal if you want to be a person who creates (ie writes) tv shows (if you want to go to grad school--which is not really necessary) is getting a screenwriting MFA, working as a writer on a show and moving up. If you want to do arts administration, CCCs program looks good.

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