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I've spent the last few years doing philosophy and I'll be applying to public policy programs in a couple months. I'm having a problem deciding which programs I have a shot at applying to. I have a good grasp of the various departments in philosophy and what my chances would be at a top 10 school vs. a top 25 school, say. But I'm not familiar with the public policy world. Here's my application in summary:

B.A. Philosophy (minor psychology) from a small/medium sized public university (Magna Cum Laude)

M.A. Philosophy from a decently-ranked terminal MA program (GPA: 4.9)

~4 years teaching experience logic and ethics (both during and after grad school) 

Two teaching awards

GRE: V 161/Q 158/ W 5.0


One of the problems I see is the lack of internship experience or work in public policy. Also, it's worth noting that I started as an economics major but only took micro and macro economics (A's in both). I think the lack of economics, statistics, calculus may hurt my application. However, most programs I've looked at offer those courses during the summer semester prior to fall. 


In any case, I would appreciate any input you all have. Is my application competitive or should I aim for middle-ranked programs?



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I suppose that would depend on what kind of philosophy has comprised the bulk of your studies.  If you've done a lot of political & social philosophy stuff, I imagine that would be helpful.  If you've been studying metaphysics and Leibniz (to pick two random examples), you'll probably be seen as ill-prepared.  You could always take some additional classes in the areas in which you are deficient (grad-level classes will look particularly good).  A more important question, I think, is that if you aren't very familiar with the public policy world, why are you looking to go to grad school in that subject?


As to your chances at different programs, I think you'll have better luck getting an answer in the discipline-specific part of these forums. 

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