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Which CS Masters programs are career/industry oriented ?


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Hi guys ... I'm trying to come up with a list of universities where I should apply for Fall 2015 CS Masters. I have chosen 8 universities, but I'd like to choose 4-5 more. A lot of the reputed CS universities I'm looking at seem to be interested in research, and are inclined to admit MS students who have research experience, and are likely to go onto do a PhD as well (e.g. Purdue, Virginia Tech, etc.). I'm not one of those people, as I want to enter the industry after finishing my CS Masters. So I'm looking for universities which are better for me.


So here are the universities I'm currently thinking of applying to:






Georgia Tech,

U of Florida,

Northeastern university,

NC State


Which other universities should I look into, which have reputed CS Masters programs designed to cater for career-oriented students ?


I'm prepping for my GRE and haven't taken it yet, but I took GRE 6 years which and got Q: 780/800, V: 520/800 .. Loosely translates to Q: 163/170, V: 154/170

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What do your stats and background look like?  You could look at Berkely M.eng, Illinois MCS, and Wisconsin MCS, which are coursework only degrees. Doesn't GAtech require an MS thesis?


Some universities have a problem with me already have a Masters degree in a 'related field', ECE. So they say that I'm either not eligible to apply, or will most like be rejected if I applied. The universities which have told me this include the following: All California universities (at least all the good ones), Stanford, Berkeley, UTexas, UMich, UIUC, Texas A&M ..


So all your suggestions have already been tried I'm afraid ..


I don't know for sure if GT requires a thesis or not, but I'm okay with them either way because of their ranking ..


Any other suggestions ?

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