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Hey guys! I am getting ready to start applying to graduate schools, but I am curious if there are any more options I should be considering...

So far I am applying to Carnegie Mellon's professional writing MA, Emerson U's Writing and publishing MA, Drexel U's publication management MA and University of the Arts London's publishing MA.

I am very much interested in publishing and writing - - obviously - - and am wondering if you guys know any more good programs similar to the ones I am applying to? I am also curious if you guys think it is a bad idea to apply to such specialized degree programs, or if I would be better served applying to English or Rhetoric MAs?

Just a little background info...

Literature major at a mid-size top-100 univeesity. 3.4 GPA. GRE verbal = 160. GRE writing = 5.

Thank you in advance! I thought picking schools to apply to would be the easy part of this whole process... oops.

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If PW/Pub is where your focus is, than I would also look at GW's publishing program, the MA in Digital Media Pub at NYU, and the MA at WVU. If you want a broader focus, than I would look at some Rhet and Writing program (including the DRPW MA at Michigan State (my current home)).

This will get shit here, but I would avoid a general English program if possible.

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I have a few pitches for programs--I hear great things about all of them: Iowa State's MA in Rhetoric, Composition, and Professional Communication, the MS in RTC at Michigan Tech, and either the MA in RSTC or MS in STC at the University of Minnesota.

In terms of how departments can frame your experience as a masters student, you should check out this survey of masters programs in writing studies. I think you'll find it helpful to see some of this data and how different disciplines have a way of forming different cultures and values about graduate education in writing studies. There's other helpful info on there as well, such as typical institutions where masters students have gotten their bachelor degrees.


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