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Dropping a non-important class..for a W??


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I'm currently considering dropping a 2 credit hour class....on dinosaurs...mostly because i got a C+ on the first midterm and the second midterm falls next week, a day before my Computer Science midterm (4 credit hour class)


I'm currently in: Ochem1, Software 1, Dino, Anthro, Classics


Anthro and Classics are GE courses, Ochem1 is a major course (microbiology major), and Software 1 is for a CS minor and is also practically a helpful requirement for me to get into a grad program for bioinformatics/computational biology so I really need it. 


I got a C- on the first CS midterm, and the next one is going to be much harder, and I have to do VERY VERY well on it.


Background: I got a 2.82 my first semester and a 3.58 my second semester leaving me to end my freshman year with a 3.25. I'd like to raise that to a 3.4 by the end of this semester. So I took the dinosaur class becasuse it seemed interesting and a nice GPA booster. And this could have worked out except for the fact that the midterms fall on the days before or after my more important classes. I have one week to drop this class, but I will end up with a W on my transcript. 


I already have a C (from calc 2) so there's already a blemish. Dinosaurs is not related to any major or minor, it is just a fun class. Will dropping it mean anything to Grad admissions?? I'm worried it would show that I can't handle a 2 cr hr class or something. I don't know. I like it, but I just don't know what to do. Because it could mean I may end up failing the second CS midterm. 


Unfortunately, next Thursday I have the Dino midterm and an ochem quiz, and next friday I have the CS midterm and a rather lengthy/important Anthro debate. So I have A LOT to do this weekend in ADDITION to homeworks throughout the week. 


Would dropping it harm me and show me as incompetent in academics and scheduling??? Is the W worth it?

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