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Any SAIS/Georgetown MSFS legacies?

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I'm looking at applying to the typical SAIS/SIPA/Fletcher/Walsh-MSFS. I haven't taken the GRE yet, but am enrolled in a prep course and have been a spending significant amount of time practicing. Should be strong on verbal but may be a bit lackluster on quantitative.


I have a parent who graduated from Georgetown MSFS, and another who graduated from SAIS. I was wondering if there are any current/former students there who were legacies themselves, and if so do you feel that that was something that helped in any way your admission? Also, if there are any admissions committee folks from either of those schools, what's the view on legacies? Would it be something worth mentioning in a personal essay/interview, or would that off of as obnoxious? Is it an asset in anyway? Any scholarships for legacies that you know of?


I'm certainly not banking on nepotism to get in. Undergrad GPA thus far is 3.85. No work experience besides a summer spent volunteering in Central America, and an unpaid internship with an environmental nonprofit where I liaised with similar nonprofits in Latin America. Studied abroad in Spain. Fluent in Spanish. Loading up on econ courses in last semester given their obvious relevance to SAIS and the others. 


Sorry for the smorgasbord/hodgepodge/ (GRE words  ;) ) of questions.



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