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SOP Advice for CS Phd with No research bakground

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Hi All,


I really need advice on writing a SOP for CS Phd in AI. My area of concern is how do I portray my strengths as a candidate when I have had no research experience and relevant work experience in AI. I have made couple of games using some of the AI techniques and I am mostly interested in research about learning agents/ creating believable NPC's which interact with human like behaviors


I have made games using some of the AI techniques and I can make more .. but these have all been my independent study as my area of work is different.


I am sure my application may seem out of place to many and may question why I am applying at all in the first place. But I would appreciate any genuine advice on writing a SOP for candidates like me


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Bump!!! any pointers would be great...


I have begun to write stating my interests in AI without delving too much into my childhood days where I was hypnotized by computers and stuff. Is it okay to start upfront talking about my interests in various AI techniques and how specifically it relates to my interest. How do I overcome the lack of research handicap??

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