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Help in Application and University list


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Hello everyone,


I have completed my undergraduate this summer(outside US) and am looking to apply for masters in Mathematics (specifically logic) for 2015. My background:

Bachelors of technology in Electronics an Communication engineering with a low gpa of 6.6/10 (Its a tier 1 school in my country and has stringent grading, although i know that doesn't cut it)

1 Summer research assistantship but unrelated to mathematics (It was in speech processing)

GRE score : 329

2 Independent studies in Set theory and Formal Logic (No research work)

Expect very good LORs 

Currently joined a software engineering job (more related to image processing/computer vision)


As you can see, major drawbacks in my application are unrelated (or less related) undergrad field, and poor gpa. I have always been interested in mathematics and problem solving (cleared regional olympiad in highschool), made bad choice by choosing ECE (some issues) and didn't like the hardware side. (My grades are decent in Math/signal processing courses). In ECE, I was interested in signal processing and did a research assistantship with one prof on methods to align speech with text transcripts. Did not publish a paper but the project was a success, and appreciated by porfessors. I got interested in foundational mathematics in later years of school, tried to read about constructive mathematics, recent development in homotopy type theory but realised didn't have that background. So I took 2 consecutive independent studies under a Prof to study formal set theory, logic and a little type theory. Wish to apply for a master's program in math, focusing on logic. I should get 3 good letters of recommendation from the prof I did the studies under, the prof I did my research assistantship under(although he is a CS prof), and another mathematics prof. I've marked a tentative list of schools (I did not know how to search, I picked these from researchers working on the Homotopy type theory on their website).

Carnegie Mellon University, MS in logic, computation and methodolgy

University of Amsterdam, MSc logic

University of Manchester (masters in math for all below

University of Utrecht

KTH Royal Institute of Technology (KTH) and Stockholm University (joint masters)

Wesleyan University

Radboud Unicersity

University of Leeds

University of Gothenberg


I can apply to 8 schools at max (LOR constraints). CMU is 1 very unsafe university im applying to (low gpa and no mathematical research :( ). I would like to apply to 1-2 moderate and 4-5 safe universities. What more universities should I add to my list for consideration, that have active research in mathematical logic. Also, other than CMU (which I know is very unsafe), I'm trying to find how strict the rest of the universities in the above list are in their admissions in the department, any help regarding that would be very appreciated (like if some of them are very unsafe for my application).


I will be very thankful for any other advice on my application. 


I apologise if the post is not appropriate for this forum for for any other reasons (I'm new here), I'll make any changes required.


Thanks in advance

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