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Evaluate me! help me please


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Hi all,


I am a undergraduate student from China but study in the US now. I want go to graduate school keep study geology or petroleum engineering and working for oil company in the future. 


I was study in a top 20 university in China from 2010 to 2012 majored in Environmental Engineering. 77/100, 83/100 is my average grade for these two years.


2012 I transferred to University of Oregon majoring in Geological Science and Environmental Science, have a geography minor, and also want to get a GIS pathway certificate in a community college. I get a overall 3.0X GPA in America, and still have some courses not finish. Major(Geological Science) GPA is about 3.3. 


I already took GRE test and do not want take it again. Got 141(V)+170(Q)+3.0. No research experience, only have 2 month internship experience in China (for China National Petroleum Corporation)  and mainly working for sewage water testing, it is all environmental things.


That's my basic background. I am confusing about what kind of school I should apply? will some schools consider about me? Looks like I am just an average student! Another thing is my parents are both petroleum engineer in China and working for this industrial 25 years. I was even grown up in a oil field. Is this experience good for my application?


Could someone help me to evaluate me please? What school I should apply? both geology and petroleum engineering or any field is relate to energy is ok.


Thank you all







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