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Fall 2015 Chemistry Application


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Hi I'm an International student graduated from American University.


I just took Chem Subject today, but seems like I will be getting mid 600 to low 700....(40%~ 60% not sure, worst case high 30%) which is obviously bad...


I was planning to apply for top 10 chemistry programs, I am really worried right now... Do you think there will be a chance to get in?


My goal is getting into Columbia Chem program. Also what should I write to the professor who I am trying to contact for grad chem program?


Should I just talk about general research? or appeal that I am really interested in your field?


My GPA is 3.81 (Magna Cum Laude), Phi Beta Kappa honor society and Graduated as honor undergrad research student. TA for General Chemistry for 1 year


and have a research experience as an undergrad for 1.5 years + Research during summer abroad, and I'm now working in a Chem department Lab.


I have two decent LORs and one soso LOR


For general GRE, I'm going to take it next week.


I'm so worried since i messed up my Subject test... How was the Subject test today? 

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I wouldn't necessarily worry about your chem GRE result given your other credentials. When writing to the Columbia professor, be cordial but don't sound desperate. I would give him your credentials including the chemistry GRE and cite reasons you think you did poorly. It's important to not go into too much detail, though; since you're a prospective student he really won't care as much as he would if you did poorly on one of his exams or something like that.


For now just focus on the general GRE. A good result on that--of which it seems you'd be capable--would effectively negate a poor result on the subject test. It's easier to spin if one of those tests combined with good grades and research experience is top 10 caliber.


Hope I helped!

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I got into Columbia chemistry last year with a 600 on the chem GRE and a 3.5 gpa.  However, I am a US citizen.  YMMV. 

@reactiontime may i ask your gre general result?


I got (V/Q/W) (147/165/NA) Writing still pending


I've registered for another one.... 

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