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PSLF - Public Student Loan Forgiveness


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Just thought I'd open a discussion on the PSLF incase there are people who don't already know about it. Being that we will all graduate with lots of student loan debt after graduating and the pay isn't too great this is a great way to get rid of student loan debt if you are planning on working for a federal, state, county, or city agency. 


My question is, does anybody know if schools qualify for the PSLF? It appears from the way it's worded that it would have to be a non-profit school to qualify. Although I read in a separate article that certain fields (hard to fill fields) qualify for the PSLF. Does anybody know anyone who works in a school or non-government agency that still qualifies for the PSLF or have any knowledge regarding whether schools qualify? 


Any PSLF information you feel would be helpful (even if not pertaining to my question) would be great to share for all to gain more knowledge about the PSLF. Thanks in advance to all who contribute.

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Almost all schools qualify for PSLF -- so long as it is either a non-profit or a public school (because public school employees are government employees). This is pretty much every school except for maybe a few for-profit charter schools.


But I wouldn't rely on PSLF. There was a bill proposed (that thankfully didn't pass) that would have capped the amount eligible for forgiveness and would have also made it more difficult for married couples to repay their student debt (considering combined income, but still forcing both to make separate payments). It hasn't happened yet, but this is one of those programs that is just too good to be true. There is a lot of political animosity toward student debt forgiveness and I wouldn't be surprised if a similar bill passes in the future.

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PSLF is very hard to get, apparently. One of my professors was talking about it in class this week and she said that nobody in her cohort was able to get it. Not saying that was she said is gospel, but do have a back up plan.

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She said it was hard to get to due to client population. She said that you have to be working for an agency that sees a certain percentage of medicaid enrollees. She didn't really get into much detail, she just said it's very hard to qualify and not to bank on it. I do agree that, according to the website at least, it seems very easy to qualify.


I do know someone who qualified as a nurse anesthesiologist, so who knows. I don't know if he's enrolled yet or if it ever came to fruition.

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